No Break In Cases Of Intimate Partner Violence During COVID

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NORTH BAY – We have all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The economy has been impacted, businesses have been hit hard, jobs have been lost and for some, the pandemic has meant a hardship they were ill prepared for. During times like these it is not unusual for stress and anxiety to lead incidents of intimate partner violence to increase.We are all very grateful to the front line workers who, day in and day out, remained on the job providing essential services. So many people, throughout COVID, continued to go to work so we could eat, receive medical services, have transit service, receive delivered packages and so many more.“When it comes to front line workers, those working to assist victims of intimate partner violence have remained committed to providing services throughout the pandemic” said Kathleen Jodouin; Executive Director, Victim Services of Nipissing District. “Our workers showed extraordinary courage and dedication in the face of COVID induced challenges.”Those working on the front lines of Intimate Partner Violence deal with stressful conditions at the best of times managing difficult and heartbreaking situations.“Intimate partner violence did not stop because of the pandemic and neither have we” said Jodouin.Case managers, shelter works, victim services, counsellors, housing and homeless workers, child protection workers, mental health and all the emergency workers put themselves at risk to come to the aid of others in need.“The work done by those in this field often goes unseen” add Jodouin. “This is difficult but necessary work so kudos to all those who have continued to work to put a stop to Intimate partner violence, especially during COVID.”Shelters, victim services, counselling, and a host of other services remained open and available throughout the pandemic but we have a responsibility when it comes to dealing with intimate partner violence.“We all need to speak up to end the cycle of abuse” said Jodouin.-30-Chair of Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee (VAWCC)For Additional Information Contact:
Kathleen Jodouin; Executive Director
Victim Services of Nipissing District
Phone: 705.472.2649
email: [email protected]